Health and safety

Effective health and safety management is a desirable and integral part of our business performance and culture. We are committed to the highest practicable levels of health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors on our company premises.

Health and safety is an integral part of the way we conduct our business.

BAT SA is committed to ensuring compliance with the requirements of South African occupational health and safety legislation, which we align with International Labour Organisation (ILO) practice. In addition to ensuring compliance with the necessary legislation, our Environment Health and Safety Integrated Management System (EHS IMS) also ensures that all installations and working environments are regularly inspected and that processes and activities are regularly reviewed to identify any hazards that may affect the health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors on our premises.

Our objective

Our primary objective is the elimination of incidents resulting in injury or occupational illness. Wherever possible, we implement controls proactively to ensure the effective management of the health and safety risk profile associated with all our activities. However, when incidents resulting in injury or occupational illness do occur, these are recorded, reported and properly investigated to identify the cause so that suitable actions are taken to prevent a re-occurrence.

Our COVID-19 Response

CV-19 Poster BAT SA adapted to a new way of working during the Covid-19 lockdown period in South Africa. During this time, BAT SA sites were being prepared to ensure the safety of all staff members returning to work.  Measures implemented, include:

  • Information-sharing on Covid-19, prevention tips and responsibilities of both the business and employees
  • Personal Protective Equipment including face masks for all staff members
  • Hand sanitising points at entry and exit points and other strategic points
  • Social distancing measures and notices around office seating arrangements
  • Health Talks by the Occupational Doctor addressing staff members’ questions and concerns around Covid-19