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Our brands

Our portfolio of more than 20 brands includes some of South Africa’s most well-known and top-selling cigarette brands.

Our consumers drive everything we do. We invest effort and care in understanding their preferences. We believe that our consumers, as adults, make informed choices about smoking as well as about their cigarette brands. We offer a diversified portfolio with a brand for every taste.

Smoking is an adult choice – and we never aim our marketing at anyone under the age of 18. Similarly, we never persuade adults to begin or continue smoking, but we do believe that consumers are entitled to have relevant information about our tobacco products available to them.

Our marketing practices are compliant with local legislation and regulations and are aligned with the BAT Group’s globally consistent International Marketing Principles, and set a benchmark for the whole tobacco industry.

Our key brands


Launched in 1907, Dunhill cigarettes are sold in 120 countries. It is a strong Premium Brand which offers a diverse range of Premium and Super Premium cigarettes.

Peter Stuyvesant

First launched in South Africa in 1954 and then internationally in 1957, Peter Stuyvesant is sold in around 30 countries around the world.


Kent was launched in the South African market in November 2006. Kent is a modern freestanding Premium Brand, consistently perceived as delivering ‘the modern way to smoke’.

Pall Mall

Pall Mall is our leading global Value-for-Money Brand, positioned to exceed consumer expectations. Introduced in 1899, it now sells in more than 60 countries, including South Africa.

Benson & Hedges

Benson & Hedges or B&H was re-launched in South Africa during 2014, following strong consumer demand.

Other brands

In addition to our global drive cigarette brands, we also market the following brands in South Africa:

  • Consulate
  • Craven A
  • Embassy
  • Gauloises Blondes
  • Gunston
  • Lexington
  • Lucky Strike
  • Mills Special
  • Paul Revere
  • Princeton
  • Ransom
  • Rembrandt van Rijn
  • Rothmans
  • Royals
  • Texan
  • Vogue
  • Winfield