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Our approach

Our Group’s R&D programme is focusing on tobacco harm reduction, working on developing a next generation of tobacco and nicotine products that offers a less risky alternative to conventional cigarettes.

From the launch of Vype, our first e-cigarette, in the UK in 2013, we now have a range of products available to consumers across a growing number of markets. We are particularly proud to be the first tobacco company to have a nicotine product – Voke – licensed as a medicine. And in 2015 we launched our first Tobacco Heating Product – glo iFuse – in Romania. This includes Vype, which is being rolled out in strategic markets worldwide, a nicotine inhalation product being prepared for launch in the UK by subsidiary Nicoventures, strategic acquisitions such as CHIC in Poland and Ten Motives in the UK, as well as innovative tobacco heating devices. We have also signed a technology sharing agreement with Reynolds American.

Transparency and world-class science

Our Group is committed to exemplary corporate conduct and transparency across the whole business – this includes its research and development.

Being transparent about the science is central to this approach. Details of the Group’s scientific research programmes are published on a dedicated science website, www.bat-science.com. The results of scientific studies are submitted to peer-reviewed journals, and scientists present widely at leading international conferences and events.

We understand that some people are sceptical about research conducted and funded by the tobacco industry, but we know it’s the Group’s responsibility to contribute to the science of tobacco harm reduction.

British American Tobacco have state-of-the-art R&D facilities and hundreds of scientists covering many different disciplines, working in collaboration with external researchers around the world, such as in the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, China, and Russia.

The Group actively encourages regulators and other scientists to visit its research facilities in the UK.

The future

We hope that our Group’s actions clearly demonstrate a continued commitment to harm reduction, and that governments will carefully consider the potential benefits it can bring as part of a progressive approach to public health policy.